How A Conveyancing Solicitor Can Help You Buy Your home

 Published On November 25, 2014


A conveyancing solicitor is a very busy individual, usually dealing with different cases at a given time. These individuals are also very important when it comes to buying, selling and or remortgaging process of a house.

It is very important that you understand what a conveyancer actually does before hiring one. Furthermore, it is also very important that you have knowledge of the type of conveyancing you need for your specific situation. A conveyancer can deal with either residential or commercial conveyancing. The former is primarily on the consumer side and deals with those people looking to sell, buy and or remortgage their property. On the other hand, the latter deals with firms and business entities looking to buy or sell office space, for example.

Most of the firms found on the high street are usually dealers in residential conveyancing, or potentially dealing with small and medium sized business organizations. These are the firms you should look out for help with the process you are about to start on. You can find an array of these conveyancers throughout Brisbane but even a Gold Coast lawyer will be able to help you in this area; an advancement that has made it very easy to locate conveyancing solicitors and their services rather than walking around your town in search of one. Today, it is quite hard to find many commercial conveyancing solicitors on your local high street. But this should be of concern to you, unless you are after venturing into big business.

First, you’ll have to contact conveyancing solicitors in Gold Coast with a simple letter detailing your exact needs and requirements. The conveyancer then gets back to you with details of the different aspects of the whole buying and selling process, including their charges or fees. Once you accept their conditions, it is ideal that you formally confirm to the agreement through writing. Write a letter of acceptance to the conveyancing firm and supply your conveyancer with all the relevant information of your house and any other details they need. It is very important to provide your solicitor with all the exact information regarding your house.

The conveyancer then takes charge of the whole handover process between the buyer and the seller and gets in touch with the other party’s solicitor. The two come to an agreement based on the provided information. It is mandatory that the seller provides the property’s deeds and other registry papers to speed up the process of handing over. Once this is done, your conveyancer then writes a contract that is signed by both parties.

Once the signing is done, the process is quite done and all that is remaining is the official transfer of the property ownership. Once it is done and everything else is okay, you can now move to your new home. This process as you can see can be overwhelming. It is why a conveyancer is a very valuable asset.

Conveyancing is best done by a professional conveyancing solicitor. Finding the best solicitor can be a nutshell. Their fees vary too, according to the services they offer, qualifications and experience. It is why you should compare conveyancing fees online before hiring a conveyancer in order to get the best deals.

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