How can an Independent Medical Examination Affect a Worker’s Compensation Case

 Published On September 03, 2017

Normally if there is a dispute found in a worker’s compensation case than an insurance company might ask them to undergo a complete medical examination from a doctor of their choice. There is no patient and doctor relationship between the two and the doctor provides the details of their examination without any bias.

The reports submitted by these doctors are used to resolve legal issues. These can help provide insight into the amount of injury you sustained while on the job. The following are a few basic facts on independent medical examinations.

An independent medical examination can help determine your current health status and the extent of the disability you suffered. Such an examination is usually conducted by an insurance company when they want to know about the kind of treatment you could need. However, there are instances when an IME is carried out on the request of the judge who has been assigned your particular case.

An IME is supposed to be an objective assessment. However this objectivity also largely depends upon the doctor who has been chosen to carry out the exam.

IME’s are carried out usually because these differ from your current medical assessment provided by your personal physician. For more info on independent medical examinations in Melbourne visit this page. In these cases the person carrying out the IME is selected by the insurance company. Since these doctors are paid by the insurance company and depend upon them for referrals their job is to undermine the extent to of your health problems as much as possible.

If you have been asked to undergo an IME you need to consult a worker’s lawyer. It would work well for individuals who have greater injury and suffering from major health issues and your insurance company is determined to underplay those to avoid providing you with a claim.

What to expect from an independent medical examination

Before an examination is carried out all your previous medical records regarding your injuries are sent to the doctor carrying out the EMI

Usually insurance companies might send out letters to doctors summarizing all the details of your case. Make sure you review the letter to rule out any factual discrepancies and have a better idea of what you might be pitted against.

Since you don’t share a doctor patient relationship with the medical examiner anything which you share is not completely confidential and might even be used against you.

Any inconsistencies on how the doctor sees you would be entered into the report. If you walk normally to the doctor’s office but grimace in pain when he touches your heel, this would cause definite problem for you.

You would be asked questions about the injury which you sustained and the treatment which was employed to deal with it. It is better to be well prepared so that you appear truthful and confident and not get flustered.

Always keep a copy of the report with yourself so you could read it and point out any discrepancies.

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