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 Published On May 15, 2014

fire-protection-sleeveAt a time where aviation security is a hotly debated topic, many people overlook the simple things, which can prevent disaster. In recent times, simple fire retardant sheathing and tape has been the saviour for many in air issues including cabin fire, storage fire and engine fires.

This can help prevent not only aviation disaster, but also the loss of important or sensitive information from unexpected building fires. Protective fire tape can help shield vital infrastructure such as wiring for servers or IT systems in case of disaster.

Premium Fire Tape and Fire Sleeve Manufacturers

We are Australia’s leading manufacturer of aerospace grade fire sleeves and fire tapes. The job of these sheathings is to protect important wires and cables from heat and fire. For more information on regulatory safety requirements click here to visit the supplier’s website.


All of our products are all rigorously tested to maintain the best possible quality available and meet all safety and regulatory requirements. They can withstand extreme heat and in many cases, far surpass the regulatory requirements in place.

We also have excellent aftermarket services, and our technicians and engineers can be of assistance if required. We can help with installation, product advice and more. If you’re looking for a recommendation on the best solution for your wiring, then we can be on site there helping you out.

To protect your important electrical wiring from the dangers of excessive heat or combustion, get in contact with us now. Visit our webpage here for pricing and information on our location and service areas.

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